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Water in bottles

Drinking water is water fit for human unlimited and safe daily consumption. Its main difference from table-waters and mineral waters is in low content of salts (solids), as well as in the presence of applicable standard requirements for water composition and properties.

The water of many fresh water supplies is not fit for human drinking, because it may be a source of spreading of diseases or cause long-term health problems if it does not comply with the valid quality standards for water. Water that is not harmful for humans and meets the requirements of applicable quality standards is called drinking (or potable) water
The occurrence of water.

The Baltic countries have springs that meet all requirements for environmentally safe water. According to the findings of Finnish specialists, Saku is one of the most ecologically friendly places in Estonia. Historically, the place has been known for the production of various beverages because of the land with high quality water at a depth of 200 m. As a result of studying the place, a spring has been chosen and a deep well has been drilled, where the pure drinking water NORDEN SPRINGS comes from with an optimally balanced mineral content. Water is filled into bottles at the production site using a specific filling technology from USA.