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A new generation drinking water filtering device COOL TOUCH is a state-of-the-art and highly efficient solution to provide high-quality clean drinking water for employees at offices or industrial premises. This is a compact and convenient device built by Swedish designers, and equipped with a touch-sensitive display and an elegant aluminium cabinet made of environmentally safe material – glass and aluminium, as well as an aluminium gas cylinder.
A new generation drinking water filtering device „COOL TOUCH” has an integrated balanced system of filters of several treatment stages, which continuously ensures a number of functions:
  •  High quality water treatment (removing compounds of chlorine, iron, and other impurities, preserving salts and minerals essential for the human body).
  • Water cooling (10°С), heating (92°С), and carbonation.
  • Power saving (The device is equipped with a motion sensing technology (USS) that allows switching the operating mode only when a user approaches the device).
  • Automatic disinfection by means of UV LAMP.
  • Water feed is controlled electronically.
The system operates automatically, ensuring constant availability of fresh drinking water.
A convenient integrated cup holder (for 100 cups).
High-quality British manufactured materials are used to install the equipment „John Guest”. The safety WATER STOP system is used for connecting to the water supply.
The equipment has CE TÜV certificates.

  • Elegant design
  • Environmental care
  • The use of latest technologies to obtain drinking water
  • Energy conservation
  • Unlimited amount of water
  • Convenience
  • No empty bottles or waybills
  • Cost saving
  • The system of filters preserves the natural mineral content of water
  • A customer-specific set of filters
  • The automated maintenance process.