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Repair and Sanitary Treatment

It is common knowledge that dust and microbacteria mass up on the external and internal surfaces of water coolers (dispensers) just like on any other appliance. Mostly, colonies of bacteria are forming in coolers (dispensers) due to consumers’ improper operation of the device. Even if a bottle is handled with dirty hands just one time, it will be highly probable that bacteria could penetrate the device. Once bacteria are inside, they begin reproducing actively and making their way into water. Obviously, the quality of such water declines dramatically; moreover, it becomes unsafe and unpalatable. However, it is worth mentioning that this off-flavour gets pretty faded away upon heating, so contamination is not that easy to notice. Therefore, regular sanitation of water coolers must be performed.

Sanitary treatment is mandatory:

  • If a given cooler (dispenser) is used for any water other than the products delivered by our company;
  • After renovating or spring-cleaning a space where the cooler (dispenser) is located;
  • If there has been no bottle of water inside a cooler (dispenser) for a considerable length of time (twenty four hours or more) due to some reasons.
During sanitation, coolers (dispensers) and pumps are treated with detergents from the outside, whereas the interior is cleaned with a special non-chlorinated disinfectant solution, and, afterwards, rinsed with water.

Repair and Service Maintenance

Customer service provides free technical support and repair of water filters, water coolers, and other warranted devices during the agreement term.

Water Cooler Sanitary Treatment

It is impossible to preserve the taste and quality of water from a cooler without performing regular disinfection of cooler’s internal parts.

Sanitary treatment includes technical diagnostics, cleaning of cooler’s exterior and interior. Special detergents are used for cleaning, descaling, and disinfecting reservoirs, internal piping, and spigots.