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About us

Explanation of the ECOFINN brand slogan

The company slogan – THE POWER OF CLEAN ENVIRONMENT – precisely expresses the philosophy of ECOFINN activities.
ECOFINN ensures that employees work in cleaner, healthier environment at enterprises, thus boosting positive atmosphere at workplaces, plus invigorating and making employees feel satisfied.
ECOFINN contributes to conservation of natural resources by providing more eco-friendly environment at enterprises.
Under the stimulus of clean environment offered by ECOFINN, the performance abilities of employees will also improve. Moreover, the energy conservation equipment and accurately scheduled services help enterprises save funds. In conclusion, enterprises will be economically stronger and more competitive than ever.

The power of ECOFINN clean environment is manifested not only in cost saving, but also in nature protection issues (energy conservation, accurate service, and the use of ecologically recycled materials in equipment production). This way the power of clean environment at work premises returns to nature, protecting it and preserving its reproductive capacity. ECOFINN makes it possible not only to work in more eco-friendly environment, but also to think green.