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Water Delivery Service

Delivery cost is included in the cost of water.
Order your bottled water right now through the website! Ordering water online is convenient and fast – it will take just several seconds to order!

Ordering is fast and requires no registration.

Learn more about bottled water delivery by phone +371 67374531;

Water delivery is provided according to an individual delivery schedule. Our managers help every customer to make their orders. We will deliver shipments of drinking water as often as you require.
When placing an order, you may choose a fixed delivery schedule. We work 5 days a week. Orders are delivered from 9 o’clock in the morning till 5 o’clock in the evening.
Special offers. We offer co-operation on beneficial terms, based on an individual approach to each customer.
Our Guarantees

The high quality of NODIC SPRINGS drinking water  is guaranteed by:
  • Systematic quality control based on regular water testing according to HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points).
  • Drinking water is filled into bottles made of polycarbonate (food grade plastic).
Delivery Procedure
Bottled water is delivered to an office on the basis of a custom-tailored agreement. A customer may choose between the two delivery options:

• Non-recurrent. Drinking water shall be delivered to a designated office according to the customer’s advance order. Water shall be delivered on the next delivery day after receiving the order.

• A fixed schedule. A series of deliveries shall be performed with regard to a certain volume. First, average consumption of bottled water is calculated for a customer. According to these calculations, a fixed delivery schedule is drafted and then approved with a customer. Water shall be delivered on strictly defined times without customer’s making any advance orders.


Bottled water can be ordered by any of the following means:

• By company telephones +371 67374531;

• By sending an online order using an order form at the website www.ecofinn.lv.